Water Purity: How RO & UV are different
28 Mar

Drinking water is an evitable source for life, and the market offers different kinds of water purifiers. The two most popular water purifiers in the market at present are Reverse osmosis (RO ) and ultraviolet rays filter (UV) rays. In the given article, we will try to understand which purifier is better and the reason for the same.


Reverse Osmosis (RO) water Filtration system

This is a significant process where water passes through the RO membrane at very high pressure, which helps in filtering the hazardous impurities like THM and heavy metals. It also wipes out hardness and salt, if left, from water. The membrane also blocks bacteria build-up, virus infestation, and Microbial contagion.


UV filtration system

The UF membrane is designed explicitly to bacteria, cyst, and other such products from water. It further enhances the quality of water with the removal of, if any, suspended impurities.

Although both of the purifiers are excellent choices, a purifier incorporates both of these techniques is always a better choice to include.

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