Why you should avoid water from outside sources in current times?
28 Mar

Should something so natural and abundant be worth your worry ? Yes , Indeed. Because in Lagos ,a city which is surrounded by water , yet the access to formal clean water is abysmally low. Since the main source of water in Lagos is tap water from the surface water , we still cannot trust its water quality due to polluted water in the distribution network. Many families rely on street vendors , and purified water packaged in Polyethylene pouches or tin cans . We cannot trust the water quality of these sources , because they are unsafe to drink , especially in these times , when a virus is taking thousands of lives in our country .

In times like these , we need to be extra careful about the food and the water we drink .

Because water truly is the basis of life and everyone deserves pure drinking water. We need to be careful enough to know what's going in our bodies because it allows us to experience life .

Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid drinking water from outside sources.


1. You cannot trust outside and unknown sources of water.

Especially the ones that come in tin cans and bottles , because the packaged drinking water is likely to develop harmful bacteria as it is transported and stored in open sunlight while RO filtered water is free of bacteria, protozoa, viruses and other harmful pathogens. You should also know that companies test packaged water for harmful microbes only once a week. On the other hand, if you use RO filtered water, you’re sure to get pure water for every use.


2. You do not want to compromise with the quality and the taste of water .

Have you ever wondered about the peculiar taste of bottled water? It’s because the water sits for a long time in the chemically-produced plastic bottles.Over time, the chemicals slowly get mixed with the water and you ingest it! Livpure water purifiers contains alkaliser in their machines . It enhances the pH of water by adding essential minerals and reduces oxidation reduction potential leading to antioxidant nature of water. This makes water healthier and tastier !

3. They are not cost effective in the long run

Buying 20 litres of packaged water can cost a family of four approximately 30,000 - 40,000k in 3 years. These figures are huge when you consider the cost of manufacturing. You actually pay not for the water but for the packaging. Instead, choose RO purifiers on which you’ll spend 50% lesser amount than packaged drinking water.


4. You have better and safer alternatives

Yes , you always have a better and safer alternatives . You can invest in good water purifiers because they get rid of all impurities and germs while retaining essential minerals. Besides , in these times there is nothing more important than the safety of your family . Livpure water purifiers ensure you clean , hygenic , alkalised and tastier water than ever before . You have a variety of options at our store and you can always select the smartest one for your family .

And we all want to give our loved ones the best and assure our family’s health . And a healthy family is a happy family . And happiness is the ultimate purpose of life

We , here at Livpure care about your health as much as you do and we want you to know that .

Stay home , stay safe !

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